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Name: Cnn News Ticker
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I really have no idea what he likes. I haven't seen him in a long time. What do you think? Do you know him? We are all looking forward to seeing you. I don't feel like talking to anybody. He's stronger than you. The train leaves at six. Ask Ramesh to wait for sometime. Yeah, Sarah told me this afternoon. She was pretty upset about it. What's your opinion of...? When does he arrive?
Cnn News Ticker: - Mr. Young wishes his son would study harder.
- I figured out why the machine wouldn't work.
- Make it real.
- He was wrong in thinking that she'd come to see him.
- I like travelling by train.
- Please think about it.
- This house has two bathrooms.
- My father was in the navy.
- Lie on your right side.
- When did you join this course?
I can't speak English at all. Is he taking your cell phone? He entered the bank disguised as a guard. Sure, it's over there. She looked at him and knew that he was angry. Where did you meet him? I think I'll have the lobster. What are you going to have? I started sailing last year. My mother is very affectionate. I'm seeing her this evening.

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