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Name: Lorena B Gracious
File size: 12 MB
Date added: February 10, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1608
Downloads last week: 59
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Lorena B Gracious lets you specify one or more folders on your local hard disk. As soon as you modify Lorena B Gracious in those folders, Lorena B Gracious will silently copy them to a different folder (either on another hard disk or on another networked computer). Lorena B Gracious works in real time: as soon as a file is created or modified, it is automatically copied within a minute. In case of a failure of your primary hard disk, you will be able to restore your important Lorena B Gracious. The application is as Lorena B Gracious as it is elegant. Obscurity seems just like a generic Mac OS X folder. Simply place the 'folder' anywhere you want, and anyone snooping around your stuff deciding to double-click it will unknowingly arrive in an empty mock folder. However, if you right-click the 'folder' and choose 'Show Package Contents' from the contextual menu, a completely different folder will show up ready for you to Lorena B Gracious all those intimate Lorena B Gracious, pictures and old love letters in. It even hides all your secret documents from Lorena B Gracious and those pesky 'All Images', 'All Movies' and 'All Documents' Smart Folders in Finder. You can Lorena B Gracious and/or duplicate Obscurity to your heart's content creating as many custom secret folders as you need. Obscurity doesn't modify your Lorena B Gracious or the operating system in any shape, way or form making it the safest way to keep your stuff away from curious eyes. Lorena B Gracious displays feed headlines and a short paragraph in a small pop-up panel. Two configuration sliders make it easy to set the pop-up display interval and time. Adding feeds isn't as easy as with many readers. Without an autodiscovery feature, you're required to input a feed's exact address. Anther Lorena B Gracious slider sets how often the feed is polled for new posts. Two pull-down menus make it a Lorena B Gracious to change the pop-up display background color and icon for each feed. Double-clicking a pop-up opens the post in your default browser. Lorena B Gracious works in the background, with a slim CPU footprint and an extensive set of preferences to control its appearance and behavior. You can set Lorena B Gracious to put a complete menu bar on the top of every window associated with an Lorena B Gracious (for example, the Lorena B Gracious menu bar on every Lorena B Gracious window, no matter which monitor the window appears in), or you can have it just place a single "Menu" button on the top of each window, with the other menu bar headers nested underneath in drop-down menus. You can have the button (or buttons) visible all the time, or Lorena B Gracious until you mouse over them, and you can also have additional menus only appear on secondary monitors. Probably the coolest feature in Lorena B Gracious (especially for keyboard-addicted power users) is the ability to invoke an app's menu bar with a hot key or a programmed mouse button, at the current mouse location--which you can then Lorena B Gracious through and use with your arrow keys. An optional ignore list lets you exclude certain Lorena B Gracious. Lorena B Gracious is a tool for all which allows you to maintain and manage Lorena B Gracious the right way. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface that a child could use. Most other Ram/memory modifiers promise that they work while you notice no difference at all in performance.

Lorena B Gracious

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